As any topical expert who’s ever sat down and tried to write an article before knows, sometimes it’s worth it just to delegate the task. You’re busy and distracted—you don’t need to worry about spinning the perfect sentence to pass along your expertise on a subject. That’s where a ghostwriter comes in.

With a ghostwriter, you have a professional writer whom you can give the high points to and receive a polished essay in return.

Kassidy Hill has been ghostwriting since 2012 for various businesses and PR Firms covering books, newsletters, blogs, magazine articles and copyediting.

With every piece, Ms. Hill will conduct research to fully understand the subject on which she is asked to write, fact check all content and write in the format which the piece will be presented (and for the style needed: AP, MLA, Chicago, etc.). For everything but copyediting, research will also be done into the by-line writer to maintain their voice.

Since part of the allure of ghostwriting is the anonymousness, there can be no samples posted here. If you would like some of Ms. Hill’s work examples please email with a brief description of the type of work you’re looking for and the subject “Ghostwriting Examples”.

Compensation is on a case by case basis but a basic bracket follows:

  • Blogs and/or Magazine Articles 400-800 words—  ~$40-50 (dependent on if transcription is needed or not) 
  • Blogs and/or Magazine Articles 800-1200 words—  ~$75-100 (dependent on if transcription is needed or not) 
  • Copyediting—  ~$15-30 (dependent on length of piece) 
  • Books Content Editing (this includes light ghostwriting where needed for the book’s flow)—  ~$35 per 1,000 words
  • Books Ghostwriting—  Flat fee starting at $3000 for 30,000 words then package built on total word count & amount of research that will need to be done by Ms. Hill (will author be providing notes or just a general synopsis)