Feature Stories (Video) – Basketball

Video reports done as: a reporter with WCJB TV-20 in North Central Florida, ESPNU Campus Connection and feature videos along with written story enhancing videos with Gator Country. I produced—shot, interviewed, edited and appeared on camera when need be—all of the following stories.

  1. As the Gator basketball team began closing in on a record for most consecutive home wins in the country, I took a look at how they got there and when they would get to enjoy the accomplishment. Gator Hoops Closing In on Record 
  2. Michael Frazier spent months as the backup on a team full of seniors. It was finally his turn to make his own voice heard, something he’d been practicing for his whole life. Frazier Making His Voice Heard 
  3. Billy Donovan put over a dozen players into the NBA during his time at Florida, many of them unlikely. It said more about the coach than anyone else. Billy Donovan’s Success Story 
  4. While on opposing teams in an intense game, Patric Young took an unique approach against the man he was supposed to be guarding—recruiting him to play college ball. Thus began a friendship and teammate partnership that lives in Florida lore. Young and Yeguete

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