Sports Focused Ghostwriting

Let Kassidy Hill help you tell your story, athletic or otherwise, to the world.

So you want to tell your story?

The decision to do so is often easy…it’s the execution that causes problems. That’s where Kassidy can help.

Marrying a history in both sports journalism and ghostwriting, sports focused ghostwriting is a culmination of all Kassidy’s talent, experience and desire to help athletes tell their story.

The Process

  • Get to know the “author” and who they are, how they talk and the way they share stories.
  • Sit down face to face for several in-depth conversations to gathering notes—both written and recorded—learning the story the athlete/coach is hoping to tell through their book.
  • Draw an outline for the book’s content and rough timeline to deliver a finished product.
  • Work in such a way that is comfortable for the author, i.e.
    • Take notes and write the entire product with the author approving what’s been written at certain intervals.
    • Let the author write what they’d like to and Kassidy will essentially be on board as a content editor and quasi ghostwriter.


The Compensation

Compensation is done on a by job basis. It is relevant to the following:

  • Length of the work
  • Intensity of the work
  • How much time will need to be spent with the author & traveling to do so
  • Any extra interviews Kassidy might need to do to round out the work
  • If time will be spent as the primary writer or as a content editor
  • Length of time until desired completion/release date
  • Expected print number and audience

*Author will be responsible for Kassidy’s travel expenses

From Kassidy: “My life’s passion is to help athletes tell their story to the world. Let me be there for you on this incredible journey.”